Monday, October 15, 2007

Opening Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening night of No Offense, Assh*le, including, Jester, Ari, my mom, her friend Sharon, Tron, $2 Dolla, Shane, Tron's friends Derrick and Meagan (I think), Gemkeezi, Selina, Volleyball Katie, Preet, 2 other dentists named Cindy and Josephine, Marius and Patrick (my classmates in lower level writing classes whose show was after ours), my neighbor Kate (although her attendance is likely purely coincidental, as evidenced when I said "hey neighbor" when she walked by me near the entrance and she gave me a weird look and said "hi" in a frightened voice and kept walking), and her male friend. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone.

The show sold out, which is awesome. Hopefully that trend will continue. Thus, if you're planning on coming, I would suggest buying tickets online.

It seemed to be pretty well-received, although it's hard to tell because most of the praise came from friends and family of the writers and actors. My favorite thing I heard about the show was that 3 twentysomethings walked out after the first sketch (which is a song). Perhaps they were offended. Perhaps it was the "cancer is for pussies" line. Or perhaps they are illiterate.

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