Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winners' History of Rock and Roll: Bon Jovi

I am far too busy this week to write a coherent Tuesday Top Ten, and I will be out of town returning videotapes for the next few days, so this may be my last post of the week.  But Lord Vader knows I'd hate to leave you empty-handed, so check out Part 3 of Steven Hyden's seven-part series on Grantland called The Winners' History of Rock and Roll.  This week's post is about Bon Jovi, a hair band who managed to reestablish itself in the early 2000s after essentially a decade-long hiatus from the spotlight (in America, at least) and who still sells out stadiums.  As a bonus, the video to "You Give Love a Bad Name" is embedded in the article.  Next week's band:  Bjeck, an Icelandic tribute to Beck.

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