Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Retro Video of the Week: "Blame It On The Rain" by Milli Vanilli

It may be difficult to imagine, but there was a time when Milli Vanilli was huge.  Every song they put out was a hit.  In the span of about a year and a half, they had five Top 5 songs, including three #1 songs.  They seemed to be everywhere.  I even remember renting a VHS called Milli Vanilli in Motion, which was a compilation of their videos, and going ape shit in my mom's living room, even without the help of Jolt.  And then, as we all know, it all came crashing down in spectacular fashion when it was revealed that they hadn't sung any of their songs.  Actually, I shouldn't say "as we all know" because, I shit you not, I met someone in the last year or so who is about my age who had no idea what happened to Milli Vanilli or that they lip-synced all of their songs.  She is not Amish, either.  Then again, if she was Amish, she probably wouldn't have known about Milli Vanilli in the first place.  Mennonite, maybe.  Amish, hell no.  In retrospect, I shouldn't have even made an Amish reference, not that any of them are going to be reading this.  Live and learn.

Anyway, given the fact that it's been shitting rain all day, there's no better time than the present to blame something on said rain.  Gotta blame it on something.  Penned by songwriting wunderkind Diane Warren, "Blame It On The Rain" was Milli Vanilli's final #1 song, making the Thanksgiving holiday in 1989 a memorable one for everyone.  When watching this, it's amazing that it took as long as it did to figure out that a German guy and a French guy, neither of whose voices were particularly deep, couldn't sing like larger American soul singers.

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