Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Retro Video of the Week: "Pop Goes the Weasel" by 3rd Bass

Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the release of hip hop act 3rd Bass's second and final full-length album, Derelicts of Dialect, featuring the group's only Top 40 hit, "Pop Goes The Weasel," which topped out at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 (as well as #1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks chart).  The song is a diss track, aimed largely at Vanilla Ice, who was, at the time, an international star (but who sampled Queen & David Bowie's "Under Pressure" in "Ice Ice Baby" without permission, which is touched upon in "Pop Goes The Weasel").  On top of that, Henry Rollins plays Vanilla Ice in the video.  Fantastic.

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