Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Retro Video of the Week: "Brian Wilson" by Barenaked Ladies

Apologies for not posting a Tuesday Top Ten yesterday.  Work has been insanely busy lately.  I guess that's the blessing and curse of being an in-demand fluffer.  Sometimes it really sucks, but other times it just blows me away.

But anywho, Friday is the 25th anniversary of the release of Barenaked Ladies' debut album, Gordon.  The album featured some of those clever Canadians' most memorable songs, like "If I Had $1,000,000" -- which has single-handedly kept the K-Car in the American and Canadian consciousness -- "Hello City," "Be My Yoko Ono," "What a Good Boy," and "Brian Wilson."  The latter is the only one with a video, other than "Be My Yoko Ono," so that's what I'm going with -- not that it wouldn't have been my first choice anyway.  It's a great song about a great man.

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