Monday, September 17, 2007

New Poll: Michigan or Notre Dame?

Apparently Kanye is more popular than 50 with GMYH viewers. 35% said they would buy Kanye's new album, 14% said 50's, 10% said both, and 39% said neither.

This week focuses on your feelings towards Michigan and Notre Dame, who "played" last Saturday in what I would consider one of the single worst performances I've ever seen by a BCS-level team (and I watch a lot of IU football). Both have storied football programs. Both have losing records this year. Both are hated by many. So, which school do you hate more, Michigan or Notre Dame?

And since I'll be in Germany next week, I'll give you guys a solid 2 weeks to mull it over.

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gregerson said...

This poll seems incomplete without the inclusion of O$U.