Monday, November 19, 2012

Undefeated After Week 12

This was probably the worst college football weekend in recent memory.  My Hoosiers got throttled in State College.  Insert child rape joke here.  Worse yet, #1 Kansas State and #2 Oregon lost.  What this means is that the most insufferable college football fan base this side of Ohio State is now vocally shitting itself all over Facebook because Notre fucking Dame -– a team that beat Purdue, Pitt, and BYU by a combined 9 points -- is now ranked #1 and is the lone bowl-eligible undefeated team.  And with the other two schools losing, it means Alabama has moved back up to #2 in the BCS standings, so those smug bastards are poised to slide into another BCS championship game.  Oh, and USC's star QB Matt Barkley got injured late in the Trojans' loss to UCLA, so he won't be playing against Notre Dame on Saturday.

So, tune into ABC Saturday night at 8 Eastern/7 Central/5 Pacific to see 11-0 Notre Dame play an unranked 7-4 USC team in Los Angeles, while millions of people who didn't go to Notre Dame will be posting about Notre Dame on Facebook using words like "we" and "MantHeisman."  Not every mouth breather with an IQ of less than 75 and skid-marked sweat pants roots for Purdue, so I'm not sure why being Irish or Catholic somehow authorizes a person to root like an asshole for Notre Dame -– well, root for one sport at Notre Dame, anyway.

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