Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Top Ten: Things a Man Should Never Do In Order To Not Be Emasculated by Kazda

Every now and then, we here at GMYH get a request to do a guest post.  About a month ago, I got an email from longtime reader, occasional confidante, and funny guy, Kazda.  After making a pointed barb at GMYH's lack of content and humor, he offered to do a Tuesday Top Ten about "things a man should never do in order to not be emasculated."  Despite the double negative, I decided to go ahead with it.  Of course, March is the month of college basketball and my related Tuesday Top Tens, and Kazda's list appears to be timeless, so I waited until now to post this.  The views expressed below are not necessarily those of GMYH's, so if you're offended, that's on you and/or Kazda, not me.  Also, I just copied and pasted his list without any edits, so any phrasing, punctuation, typos, or grammatical errors are entirely Kazda's fault.  So, without further ado, here is Kazda's list of the Top 10 Things a Man Should Never Do in Order to Not be Emasculated.

1.  Carry the basket at the grocery store (conjures up images of skipping through a flower patch).  Just go with a cart even if you're picking up a limited number of items or just carry said items in your hands.

2.  Run with a sparkler

3.  Hand another man a gift in public

4.  Never look a male hair stylist in the eye while receiving a haircut

5.  Never compliment another man on his belt buckle

6.  Never publicly admit how excited you are for your new mini Cooper to be delivered

7.  Never wear open toed shoes at work

8.  Don't ever use exclamation points in emails or emoticons

9.  Don't let another man use your new grill before you or take over grilling responsibilities

10.  Don't let your buddy hand your sporting event ticket to the gate worker

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kazda said...

Wow, thanks GMYH. I feel so alive right now.