Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Book: X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography by Ray Davies

A week or two ago, I finished reading Night Shift by Stephen King, which was King's first collection of short stories, published in 1978.  I have read a bunch of King's novels, but this was the first short story collection I have read.  It was generally excellent.  King truly is the King of Horror, and has been for over 40 years.  Night Shift featured a variety of stories, including traditional horror (vampires, monsters, sadistic ghosts, killers, etc.), possessed machines, suspense, creepy children, and the like.  My favorite stories were "The Ledge," "Quitters, Inc.," "Sometimes They Come Back," "Strawberry Spring," and "The Man Who Loved Flowers."  As I mentioned before, there are at least six major motion pictures based on short stories in Night Shift -- 1984's Children of the Corn (based on "Children of the Corn"), 1985's Cat's Eye (featuring adaptations of "The Ledge" and "Quitters, Inc." -- I'll have to check that out), 1986's Maximum Overdrive (based on "Trucks"), 1990's Graveyard Shift (based on "Graveyard Shift"), 1992's The Lawnmower Man (loosely based on "The Lawnmower Man"), and 1995's The Mangler (based on "The Mangler") -- along with four made-for-TV movies, including 1991's Sometimes They Come Back, which was great.  If you like reading horror, I definitely recommend Night Shift.

I just started reading X-Ray: The Unauthorized Autobiography by Ray Davies.  Davies, of course, was the lead singer and songwriter for The Kinks.  The title alone shows you that Davies has a sense of humor (or humour, as it were).  Released in 1995, it's a faux biography written from the perspective of a fake biographer, a college student who is given the task of tracking down the reclusive Davies for a research paper.  I don't know nearly as much about The Kinks as I should, so perhaps this will enlighten me.

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