Friday, January 20, 2017

Hair Band Friday - 1/20/17

1.  "Freakshow" by BulletBoys

2.  "Wild World" by Mr. Big

3.  "The Rage" by Judas Priest

4.  "Public Enemy #1" by Mötley Crüe

5.  "1984" by Van Halen

6.  "Fly To The Angels" by Slaughter

7.  "In and Out of Love" by Bon Jovi

8.  "Valley of Lost Souls" by Poison

9.  "I Don't Believe in Love" by Queensrÿche

10.  "Find Your Way Back Home" by Danger Danger

P.S.  I swear that I didn't pick these songs in light of the fact that today is Trump's inauguration.  As always, these are just the first ten hair band songs that randomly played on my iPod (that I haven't put on HBF before, and not including more than one song per artist).  Apparently, even the hair band gods understand the fear, anger, and concern many of us have over the fact that an egomaniacal, authoritarian bully who has no idea what he's doing and has no desire to learn or take advice from anyone is about to become our President.  What the hell have we done?

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