Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Top Ten: Signs from the Women's March

On Saturday, women (and men) across the world marched in peaceful protest to support equal rights and to oppose the misogynist, philandering, self-proclaimed pussy grabber that somehow won the Electoral College (and seems intent on setting back civil rights about sixty years).  My lovely wife and one of my daughters (Lollipop) participated in the march in Chicago, which drew about 250,000 people -- or as many as Trump's inauguration (or millions fewer, if you believe in alternative facts).

At the Chicago march and the many others, there were some fantastic signs.  There is a solid post on Buzzfeed called "33 Signs from The Women's March That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should."  I'm not going to tell you how hard you should or shouldn't laugh, but take a look and have a laugh (or an introspective "our country is fucked" moment, as you have a measured laugh).  

Aside from the signs featured in that post, a few of my favorite signs are below.  The ALF one (which Jester saw here in Chicago) is clearly the winner, although the Warren G one is pretty solid.

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