Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Retro Video of the Week: "Fade To Black" by Metallica

I was traveling yesterday, so I didn't have time to post a Tuesday Top Ten.  If I had, it would have been a link to an article sent to me on Father's Day by my friend Hess, entitled "13 of the Raddest Moments in Metal Songs That You Forgot Were Awesome."  While I'm not sure why it is assumed we all forgot these rad moments in these songs were awesome, it's still a good list with a wide spectrum of metal subgenres.

Keeping up with the metal theme, for this week's Retro Video of the Week, I have to go with a Metallica song because I saw them at Soldier Field on Sunday.  They were predictably awesome.  Lots of fire.  I'm going with the video of the live version of "Fade To Black," one of the many fantastic songs off of the band's sophomore album, Ride the Lightning -- which might be my favorite Metallica album (take that, St. Anger fans!).

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