Thursday, August 29, 2013

Purdue Still Sucks at Music

As you head into this Labor Day weekend and prepare for the beginning of the college football season, thank Christ that you are not a Purdue University student or alumnus.  In case you are not aware, Purdue does not have the #1 ranked music school in the world.  A few years ago, there was a Purdue-sponsored fundraising video that was so bad it was yanked from YouTube.  That abortion of sight and sound should have been a warning that, under no circumstances, should anyone affiliated with Purdue try to make music.  Apparently, not everyone got the message.  

Some things that voluntarily associate with Purdue recently tried to make a rap video called, get this, "You Oughta Be Proud," which, despite the title of the song, is actually supposed to be about Purdue.  It was lambasted so mercilessly that the makers of the video took it off of YouTube and filed a DMCA copyright claim to keep it from being reposted, and Purdue itself is forbidding it from being played.  It's that bad. 

I am just sorry I didn't jump on this last week when I first saw it, so at least you could have viewed it for a day or two before it was taken down.  I really didn't think that a second Purdue fan video would be made and removed from the interwebs, but the irony is that, had the first video stayed online, it would have embarrassed the mongrels that go or went to Purdue so much that no second video would have ever been made.

Even though the video is no longer available, thankfully, someone transcribed the lyrics. It's really pretty horrible. Unsurprisingly, they tout their "big drum."  This is all these people have, aside from skid marks, unattractive women, and no fucking clue.

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