Monday, November 26, 2007


In the interest of ridding the world of prostate cancer, Christoff has decided to complete his "creepiest guy in the bar" look by growing a handlebar mustache. This, he feels, should be enough for you to donate money to fight prostate cancer. Since I generally support mustache-growing-centered events and generally refuse to support cancer of the penis, I think you should help the "Men of Movember." Here are the details, from the child-molesting fingers of the man himself:

"For those of you who aren't Australian, a 'Mo is Aussie slang for Moustache, and during the month of Movember, men from around the globe are being encouraged to grow moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness, and more importantly money, for the fight against prostate cancer.

So if you hate the uncontrollable growth of cells as much as I do, head to, take a look around, and make a donation. Feel free to check back often as pictures are taken daily to chart the inverse relationship between the quality of our 'staches and our remaining dignity.

All kidding aside though, for those of you who don't know, my dad actually went through the treatment for prostate cancer highlighted in the "What is Movember" link a little over a year ago. Thanks to the treatment developed through research funded by this kind of donation, he is in excellent health right now. So if you're looking for a Karmic boost, or you're in need of a new calendar for 2008 (yours free with a $10 donation), head to and put your money where your clean shaven mouth is.


So if you like cancer, then don't donate. I bet National Wine & Spirits doesn't donate.


Christoff said...

All proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation (

GMYH said...

The Men of Movember were on the WGN Morning News this morning. To watch the video, click on this link, then click on Morning News, then click on Mustache Fasion Show. It's amazing how Christoff manages to be the gayest one out of a group dudes with mustaches. Nice felt vest, Prancer.

AC said...

I don't know if you recall when I grew a mustache on a dare the summer after our junior year, but I need to let you in on something. Be it a lark or a good cause, growing a mustache does not make you popular with members of the opposite sex.

RDC said...

and I've got news for you AC, what makes you think a moustache is my biggest hindrance towards my popularity with the ladies?

Anonymous said...

Wow Ryan. That picture is very scary. I will donate if you promise not to rape me.