Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Poll: Favorite Season

With fall firmly upon those of us in season-changing climates, the age old question: which season is the best?

Spring has the NCAA tournament, the promise of better weather, witch hunting, and the as-yet-undestroyed dreams of a successful baseball season.

Summer has baseball, skimpy clothing, beer gardens, shitty overhyped movies, a higher crime rate, homeless hunting, and the opportunity to wear white pants without violating social mores.

Fall has football, changing leaves, the World Series, Oktoberfest, Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, more thorough and reckless witch hunting than in the spring, my birthday, and absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Winter has college bowls, New Years, Boxing Day, penguin hunting, weather that hurts your face, the distinct possibility that going outside will result in the permanent loss of extremities, and the Super Bowl.

What's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

havent been here for months and then i see this. this is what a once-proud blog has become? what's your favorite season?

good god, gmyh.

The Weez said...

Wow. This is awesome. Next, I say we vote on our favorite colors, and then which we like better, pizza or busghetti!

GMYH said...

Thanks for visiting the site so often. And for remaining anonymous when you rip on me.

Go fuck yourself. I've been busy this week.

The Weez said..., I'll take that as busghetti???

Break a leg tonight.