Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday Top Ten: Bad Tattoos

If you ever need to put a smile on your face, there is nothing like a gallery of bad tattoos. Here is a link to not ten, not twenty, but thirty pictures of bad tattoos.  Thanks to RDC for the link.  Sure, I may have "enter only" inked on my ass, corn snake markings covering my dong, and Wayne and Garth on my feet, but some of these are literally unbelievable.  

Unless you're name is Mike Tyson or you are trying to transform yourself into like a man-lizard, there is no circumstance under which it is reasonable to get a face tattoo, much less one pledging your allegiance to a brand of coffee cake (#2), one with an ice cream cone shooting lightning (#3), several Monster energy drink tattoos on the same face (#7), a recently raped alien cradling your eye (#9), Hello Kitty (#20 - on the bright side, he can bring deer back to life with the mere touch of his hand), a mustache that says "Family Tradition" (#21 - I'd just like to go ahead and thank every member of my family that we like to have a couple drinks rather than doing something that will prevent ourselves from obtaining any gainful employment), eyebrows? (#22), everyone's nightmare (#23), and dolphin eyebrows? (#27)

For #10, not cool, guys.

#15 is cut off, but it appears to be a "Thug Life" tattoo across the bottom of someone's toes, with weird cartoon faces on the big toes.  I'm pretty sure this is just drawn on, not tattooed.  In fact, for the sake of this person's mother, I pray to God (or any god) that it is just drawn on.

#19 is particularly awesome, especially considering the message would be unnecessary if it was not there.

I laughed out loud when I saw #25.  I hope that person's last name is Mayer.

#29 is something White Goodman would have on his wall, or something that would be featured at the Creationism Museum.

And #30 is an interesting concept.  I wish I would have thought of that back in '88 when I went to my first concert.  If I had kept it up for every show, well, there would be no white space remaining on my body.

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