Monday, June 29, 2015

The Decline of Western OCivilization

Two amazing new items crossed the wire today, and it had nothing to do with what lethal injection chemical the conservative justices on the Supreme Court think is constitutionally cool.  

First, I found out that the Decline of Western Civilization documentary trilogy will be released tomorrow on DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time ever.  I have been waiting for the Decline of Western Civilization II to be released on a non-VHS format for some time now.  That's the one that focuses on the Sunset Strip in the mid to late '80s, with the infamous interview of W.A.S.P. bassist Chris Holmes sitting in a pool, wearing leather pants and a leather vest, chugging and bathing himself in vodka while his mother looked on (a portion of that clip is embedded in the article linked above).  As a hair band fan, the documentary is both awesome and bittersweet all at once.  Nonetheless, I look forward to finally owning it, as well as the other two installments, the first of which focused on the L.A. punk scene in the late '70s/early '80s and the third of which focused on L.A.'s homeless teens in the late '90s.

Speaking of Southern California, perhaps more amazing than the news of the Decline trilogy's release, I received word, via a friend via the internet, that there is going to be a musical about The OC -- which many consider to be the single greatest television drama set in Newport Beach of all-time.  It is apparently going to be a one-night only affair in L.A. on August 30.  I would have picked the auditorium at Harbor, or at least Newport Union, but L.A. is close enough.  Regardless, the article leaves us with the following questions:

1.  Are Josh Schwartz and McG going to be involved?  If so, I will start sailing to L.A. right now in my makeshift version of The Summer Breeze.

2.  Will there be original musical numbers or some of the memorable songs from the show, like Phantom Planet's "California" (the theme song), "Hallelujah," or the "Mmm Watcha Say" song featured when Marissa shot Trey (not that she needed to because Ryan Atwood cedes to no man, and he was just waiting to make his move, but then again, he didn't want to kill his own brother, so everything worked out in that respect)?

3.  How much of the musical will be devoted to Ryan's cage fighting phase?  Anything less than two hours would be a disappointment.

4.  Will that saucy little tart Taylor Townsend make an appearance with candle wax, tube socks, and the new Fiona Apple CD?

5.  Will we finally find out what happened to the child Ryan implanted in Teresa?

6.  How much of the musical will be devoted to Marissa and Alex's lesbian affair?  Anything less than three hours would be a disappointment.

7.  Will Volchok's vampire roots be explored?

8.  How much of the musical will be devoted to that floppy-haired surfer Johnny?  Anything more than nothing would be a disappointment.

9.  Will Marissa eat on stage at any point?  If so, the musical can be cast aside as a complete fabrication.

10.  Sweet Jesus, how much are tickets?!

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