Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aerosmith Christmas

Friday night, Jester, Ari, Kyla, Alex, and I went to dinner. We attempted to fill our wurst void by going to Laschet's Inn, but we were informed that it would be an hour wait. Fuck that. I could kill a German and make sausage in that time. Thus, we went across the street to O'Donovan's, where I ate too many wings.

After dinner, Alex, Kyla, and Ari left, and Jester and I headed up to The Annoyance Theatre to see An Aerosmith Christmas: A Christmas Wizard Adventure, which is directed by the same guy who directed No Offense, Assh*le. I knew this was going to be a special night as soon as Jessie and I hopped into a cab to head up there, and in the arm rest on the door was a mostly full pack of Benson & Hedges. 100s. Menthol. My favorite minty tobacco combination on the planet.

The show itself was great. Joining us were Australian Andrew and Heather, one of the actresses in NO, A. All of us were big fans of An Aerosmith Christmas. It runs every Friday night at 10 until January 4, and I highly recommend going to see it.

After the show, we hung out for a couple drinks at the Annoyance's bar, and then Heather was nice enough to drop the other 3 of us off at Paddy Long's for some brews. Jessie was overly concerned about a table of douchebags and trixies that in no way impacted our table or drinking experience. Hucker and his ladyfriend Julie showed up, and we closed the bar down. I love when bars kick you out at 1:45, even though they're open until 2. Australian Andrew went off in search of a cab to take him to get a burrito, even though he had consumed three tacos just before the Aerosmith show. The rest of us headed back to our apartment and drank a few beers, since going to bed before 4 on a Friday night is apparently unacceptable to me.

Yesterday I did pretty much nothing, except get that tattoo (more on that when I upload a picture -- rest assured, it's elephant ears on my upper inner thighs) and watch some 3-year-old win a public pissing match with her mom. It was a shitstorm here in Chicago, and by "shit" I mean "snow." I was overjoyed to get 10 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and I probably could have slept for another 12 or 13 had Jessie not been a nazi about me getting out of bed. She's reading an Eva Braun biography, and I've noticed some changes in her behavior lately.

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