Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wu-Tang Baby Nicknames

One of the most important aspects of naming a child is figuring out what, if any, nicknames are easily derived from potential names. A nickname can literally make or break a child, figuratively. For instance, when we came up with the name Daughter for our daughter, there were no bad nicknames associated with the name. But there was a completely awesome nickname: Ol' Daughter Bastard.

First, Chappelle's Show brought you Wu-Tang Financial. Now, since I'm weird, I bring you Wu-Tang Baby Nicknames -- nicknames based on Wu-Tang Clan members that you should think about if you want your kid to be a total badass.

-Rzosalyn (or Rzosalynn, depending on how you might spell it, or Rzosalie if you're a Thin Lizzy fan)
-Rzaef (I know a lot of you weren't thinking about Raef as a possible name for a boy, but this could change your mind)


Method Man
-Bethod Man (or the more formal Elizabethod Man, or even Mary Bethod Man)
-Method Dan
-Metheodore Man (or the less formal Metheo Man or Methted Man)

-Raekwon (or Norma Raekwon)

Inspectah Deck
-Inspectah Declan (this is my favorite)

Ol' Dirty Bastard
-Ol' Dirty Barry
-Olden Dirty Bastard (my shout-out to Olden Polynice)
-Olivia Dirty Bastard
-Orenthal Dirty Bastard
-Ol' Donny Bastard
-Ol' Dolly Bastard (This is particularly relevant where Dolly is born to unwed parents. Frankly, if you're having a kid and aren't married, you should probably steer clear of the name Dolly for this exact reason.)
-Of course, you can also go off on a tangent with some of his aliases. I suggest O.D. Bea, Dirt McGertrude (this is my second favorite overall), Big Baby Jesús, or simply Osirus.

Ghostface Killah
-Ghostface Kyle
-Ghostface Kyla
-Ghostface Klily (or the more formal Ghostface Klillian)


Masta Killa
-Marissta Killa
-Marcia Killa
-Chesta Killa (of course Chesta Killa is not the first nickname one thinks of for someone named Chester, so keep that in mind)
-Masta Kisabella
-Miasta Killa


I encourage you to post any suggestions you might have in the comments.

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RobD said...

Sethod Man
Jeffod Man
Method Stan
Methhead Man (tweakers have kids too)
Method Manx (people from the Isle of Man have kids too)

Orel Dirty Bastard
O.D.Bea Arthur

Gholston Face Killah (Vernon Gholston has kids too)

Ulysees God