Monday, November 22, 2010

Undefeated After Week 12

With IU's "home" loss to Penn State at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, the Hoosiers fell to 4-7, with this Saturday's Old Oaken Bucket game against Purdon't remaining, once again for bragging rights only. You might be saying, "GMYH, isn't IU eliminated from bowl contention? And what is that enchanting musk you're emitting?" To that, fair reader, I say that there are so many terrible teams in D-1 this year that some bowls may actually have to take 5-7 teams, so there is a very very small sliver of a chance that IU could go to a bowl if they win, and Abercrombie Woods mixed with egg nog. Thus, I will not only be rooting for IU to win, but for every 4-7 and 5-6 team to lose. In reality, I think we all know that IU has no chance in hell of going to a bowl, and Bill Lynch will likely coach his last game for the Hoosiers this Saturday in that cesspool known as West Lafayette on what will undoubtedly be an overcast day. Did you know that Purdue is far and away the worst athletic school in the Big Ten and that their women smell like a combination of cottage cheese, soy beans, and pig effluence?

Boise State was the only of the four undefeateds that played last weekend. Here is a breakdown of the undefeated teams and each team's remaining games (rankings are BCS rankings):

#1 Oregon (10-0)
11/26 – #20 Arizona (7-3)
12/4 – at Oregon State (5-5)

Remaining opponents' combined record: 12-8 (.600)

#2 Auburn (11-0)
11/26 – at #9 Alabama (9-2) (.818)

#3 TCU (11-0)
11/27 – at New Mexico (1-10) (.091)

#4 Boise State (10-0)
11/26 – at #19 Nevada (10-1)
12/4 – Utah State (4-7)

Remaining opponents' combined record: 14-8 (.636)

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