Monday, November 29, 2010

Undefeated After Week 13

It was a big weekend in college football. The Hoosiers beat Purdue to take back the Old Oaken Bucket, and then promptly fired Bill Lynch. Slightly more important, Boise State lost to Nevada, sending shockwaves throughout the BCS rankings, while Auburn and Oregon beat ranked opponents (Alabama and Arizona, respectively). Now, TCU is hoping Auburn chokes against South Carolina in the SEC championship game or Oregon lays an egg in the Civil War against Oregon State. Meanwhile, the Big Ten Rose Bowl representative is still up in the air, as Wisconsin, Ohio State, and Michigan State all ended up tied for the Big Ten championship. The team with the highest BCS ranking gets the Rose Bowl nod. That is currently Wisconsin, although who knows how things will shake out. At this point, though, it's looking like Wisconsin and Ohio State will get BCS bids, leaving Michigan State out of the mix.

Here is a breakdown of each undefeated team's remaining games (rankings are BCS rankings):

#1 Auburn (12-0)
12/4 – vs. #19 South Carolina (9-3) (.750) (SEC Championship game in Atlanta)

#2 Oregon (11-0)
12/4 – at Oregon State (5-6) (.454)

#3 TCU (12-0)
Regular season over.

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