Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Winged Resolutions

So, the holidays are over, unless you consider Epiphany to be a holiday, in which case you are not likely reading this, since you live in a convent. I took the week off between Christmas and New Years, which I highly recommend. Nothing like a week off around the holidays to remind you why college was awesome. I watched movies during the day, played video games, went to concerts, drank many winter beers, and ate what I now consider to be an unhealthy amount of chicken wings and related food products containing buffalo wing sauce. I may have ralphed up wings at one point, which was, amazingly, not alcohol related.

On the bright side, I weigh exactly 1.4 pounds less than I did a year ago. At this rate, I should be down to my high school graduation weight at some time in March 2037. As with pretty much each of the previous five years, I was disciplined for the first six months, and then worked out sporadically (if at all) for the second six months of the year. I really need to find a job that pays me hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to work out. I feel like that would get me in shape.

I heard back from the data recovery people who currently hold every memory I have of Daughter from her first year. They can recover the data on our deceased laptop, but it won't be completed for 8-10 weeks. Thus, you will have to wait until late February or early March for the exciting conclusion of American Werewolves in Munich.

Speaking of assholes, while I am not at all surprised about the fact that 5 O$U players were caught breaking NCAA rules, I am still baffled that they were able to play in last night's Sugar Bowl. Here is a pretty good article on the absurdity of the situation. I see no reason why the players have any incentive to uphold their "agreement" to come back to school next year.

Speaking of things that have nothing to do with one another, here are my resolutions for 2011:
1. Work less
2. Write more weekend recaps
3. Work out more than ten times between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011
4. Win over $100 million
5. Sell 2008 Big Ten Championship ring back to Terrelle Pryor
6. Buy more new music
7. Get Daughter into calf roping
8. See more movies made within the past year
9. Get viral (preferably, not stomach viral)
10. Figure out what makes Bruce Vilanch tick

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