Thursday, December 13, 2012

Midwestern Eavesdropping

Telephone call between man in Indianapolis and UPS customer service representative:
Man: "The tracking info says UPS made a third delivery attempt yesterday at 1:30pm.  Instead of sending it to the local UPS center, it says that you immediately shipped the package back to the sender and now it's in Kankakee, Illinois on its way back to Fort Collins, Colorado."
UPS:  "Yes."
Man:  "Well, why wouldn't you send it to the local station where I could pick it up?  It's a Christmas gift with an engraved name on it.  I doubt the seller will have much use for it."
UPS:  "We tried to deliver it three times."
Man:  "I realize that, but you only deliver on weekdays and I kind of doubt that I'm the first person in UPS history who works during the day and can't be at home to sign for a package."
UPS:  "We tried to deliver it three times."
Man:  "So what your saying is that no one should ever use UPS if they have a job that requires them to be at work during the day?"
UPS:  "Correct."
Eavesdropper:  Rockport

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