Thursday, December 06, 2012


Daughter has penchant for naming inanimate objects.  First, it was a plastic horse she named Tina.  Fine.  Horses have names.  I would have gone with Glue Factory myself, but I think the humor would have been lost on Daughter.  Then a few months ago, she named our bike pump Spot.  Still not sure why she went with Spot or felt the need to name a bike pump, but who am I to stifle a two-year-old's imagination?  When I was her age, I had an imaginary friend named Jill that was a boy, or so my mom tells me.  Last Sunday, we brought something home that Daughter named Tonya.  This is Tonya:
Our Christmas tree is named Tonya.  With a plastic horse named Tina and a Christmas Tree named Tonya, the next logical step is a wagon named Tammi, a door named Tiffany, and shoes named Tara and Tracy.

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