Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Retro Video of the Week: "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void

When I tuned into ABC last night at nine, I discovered that Wicked City's run managed to last a whole three episodes.  It was a great premise:  Chuck Bass is a serial killer in the early '80s, who finds his prey on the Sunset Strip, and then meets Erika Christensen, a sadistic nurse with whom he will share his secret.  It combined one of my biggest fascinations (serial killers) with my favorite time and place in history (the Sunset Strip in the early to mid '80s), but for whatever reason, the execution (no pun intended) just wasn't there.  In its brief run, Wicked City featured some pretty awesome music, even if some of it came out after 1982, when the three episodes were set.

In the first episode, as our serial killer was getting ready to head down to the Strip to, well, murder an innocent woman, the song "Never Say Never" by Romeo Void was playing, and he was singing along during the chorus –- "I might like you better if we slept together."  This was particularly creepy if you consider that the character liked to bang dead chicks.

But anyway, in honor of the three Wicked City episodes that aired, this week's Retro Video of the Week is "Never Say Never," a catchy little new wave ditty that talks about Sunset girls.

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