Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend of Rest

My weekend was fairly pedestrian. It was the first weekend in a long while that I did not go out either night. Friday night, that was due in large part to the fact that I got the dreaded call from the boss at 4:30pm for an emergency project. Thus, I was at work until 9:15 Friday night. Saturday during the day, Jester, Christoff, his special ladyfriend, Gregerson, and I went to Stanley's for the never-before-attempted combination of brunch and IU basketball. It was decent, although my arteries have strongly suggested that I lay off the Stanley's brunch for a while. Not feeling the groove, we went to Rocks at halftime, where we met up with Shemmer (Matt, not Chris), Reising (Abe, not Adam), Andy Wood (Pi Kapp, not deceased lead singer of Mother Love Bone), and Colin (Trent, not Powell). IU beat the Whining Illini, so that was good, although the game was closer than I would have liked. On the bright side, we did hear some King Konga over the speakers after the game.

My total hours slept for Friday and Saturday night came to about 21.5, which is more than I usually get in three nights of sleep, so that was awesome.

Did anyone else have that dream Thursday night where you were a cop and Forest Whittaker was your partner, and you guys had a HUGE convict (picture a fatter version of Michael Clarke Duncan) that you were transporting, and for some reason you decided to stop a grocery store, which was connected to a bar, which was connected to a bowling alley, and then the convict escaped in the store/bar/bowling alley, so you and Forest Whittaker were running up and down every aisle looking for him, saying things like, "How hard can it be to find a 350-pound man in a grocery store?", and then you run through the bar and almost get hit in the head with a dart, and then you open the door to the bar's cellar, and the convict is in there, and he begrudgingly comes up the stairs, and you and Whittaker hold him down and give him two tranquilizer shots, but the convict is deathly afraid of needles, and your injection into his arm goes well, but Whittaker for some reason decides to inject his leg and hits not flesh, but all shin bone, to which the convict rightfully asks, "Did you just put a needle in my shin bone?" and then the convict finally passes out from the tranquilizers, and then there is an ad on the bar's TV for syringes, which you thought was apropos because you had just used your last syringe with the aforementioned tranquilizer? No? Just me?

Also, did anyone have that dream last night where you were at some sort of slumber party and Axl Rose showed up and was watching a movie with you and your friends, and everyone was pretty cool about it, and then Axl started to get mischievous, and he wanted to play some pranks on people sleeping in other rooms, which included some unknown prank where the window needed to be open, but when Axl opened the window, he realized it was raining outside, which meant that this unknown prank could not go forward because, in Axl's words, he "didn't want anyone to get wet," so then everyone just went back into the living room and continued watching a movie? I have to think that some of you had this dream. Holt, Christoff, Veeser, Busch, you were there.

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