Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pull the Trigger of My . . .

Well, trivia at Rock's last night was a bust. As previously mentioned, since Gregerson's team finished second last week, he got to choose a category, and he chose D-1A college football mascots. Unfortunately, the category ended up being far too easy because Kevin (the guy who runs trivia) picked big schools that everyone's heard of, and he made it a match game, so all the answers were right there. Our team, No One Famous Died This Week (comprised of me, Christoff, Gregerson, and Remus), was neck and neck throughout the entire night, finishing third by a couple points. The second-place team, Peyton Manning Has Crabs, put up a valiant effort, considering it was just one dude. His category for next week: The Family Guy. That should be good.

By the way, did anyone else have that dream last night where KISS was playing a private show (unmasked, unfortunately) at a second-floor bar in a mall-like structure (possibly Fourth Street Live in Louisville), and a bunch of people that you went to grade school with were there, and rumors were flying that Kate L. and Danny M. were "fucking" (that's not your term, but rather the term used by the chick in the dream who told you), which apparently wasn't good because, according to Kate's mom, who was chaperoning, Kate was married (although her husband wasn't there, and there may have been some underlying marital issues, but you really didn't get into that because you thought it was pretty sweet that Danny was boinking Kate, especially since they grew up on the same block, and you know what, if she wants to get it on with a friend of yours, who are you to object?), and a couple other girls (possibly Katie S. and Kate W.) were complaining that members of KISS groped them, and you came to Ace Frehley's defense because, while Ace Frehley may unknowingly ingest his wife's contact lenses and may pretend to eat super steak nachos alongside bats, Korean-American females, and distraught Revolutionary War generals, Ace Frehley does not -- you repeat, does not -- grope women, and the girls confirmed that it was only Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley who groped them, and then they actually started to prod and tickle you to demonstrate how they were groped by Stanley and Simmons, and, despite how uncomfortable and "icky" the tickling and prodding made you feel, you didn't really care because you were five feet from KISS, who was playing a private show only for Cossitt School's Class of 1990, and they played "Rock and Roll All Nite," "Got to Choose," "Calling Dr. Love," "Ladies Room," and possibly "Deuce" before Gene Simmons started taking requests from the audience, and you wanted them to play "Shock Me," but Ace Frehley had been replaced halfway through the set (presumably by Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, or Tommy Thayer), so no one would be able to sing "Shock Me," so then you drew a blank on what you wanted them to play next, but then Greg Weeser* (who, interestingly, once dated Kate and is very good friends with Danny, but whose feelings toward their alleged carnal relations can only be described as conscious indifference) requested "Strutter," which was a pretty solid request, and then after the show you went to your mom's house to figure out what other songs you should have requested by looking at your collection of KISS vinyls, which were sitting on top of your wooden dresser in your old bedroom (which was severely warped, although this is the first you've ever seen of that), and none of which corresponded to the real KISS album covers or names, except for 1977's Love Gun (which makes sense, since that was the year you and many of your classmates were born), and then you discovered under the KISS records that you also had three Iron Maiden albums, which you thought was kind of ironic because you really only started getting into Iron Maiden within the last year, but the presence of the albums suggested that you had access to their music for the past twenty to twenty-five years? No? Just me? Man, you guys need to start having better dreams. Needless to say, I'm going to make an effort to post more of my dreams, since they exhibit just how mentally unstable I am, and I'm sure some loyal GMYH reader will have had the same dream, perhaps even from a different point of view (band member rather than concert attendee, wife rather than husband, dominatrix rather than gimp, victim rather than strangler, etc.), which I think would be interesting and worth knowing, so I can correct any uncouth behavior (or behaviour, for you British readers).

By the way, Harry and the Hendersons starts at 7:05 Central tonight on HBO Family West (channel 508 for those of you with DirecTV). I will not be watching.

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