Thursday, February 01, 2007

Midwestern Eavesdropping - 2/1/07

Here's some Midwestern Eavesdropping. Not much, but some:

Twentysomething librarian looking at her possibly autistic dog: "Do you ever bubble over with joy for how much you love our dog?"
--Chicago, Kenmore & Diversey
Eavesdropper: GMYH

Twentysomething special ed teacher: "I want to have a goat farm. That would be my dream. . . . [My husband] and I have talked about this and a goat farm would be perfect for us. I've just never met a goat I didn't like."
--Chicago, Rock's, Schubert & Lakewood
Eavesdropper: GMYH

Guy on his cell phone: "This is another thing that pisses me off about myself...."
--Chicago, Loyola Law Library
Eavesdropper: ½ Pint

Guy walking out of bar: "Did you guys see that? I just knocked some guy's sword out of his hand."
--Chicago, Deja Vu, Lincoln & Kenmore
Eavesdropper: GMYH

I want some more submissions, people. Dammit you guys, start eavesdropping. I want a concerted effort to listen in on the conversations of strangers, and when you overhear something hilarious, ironic, stupid, or disgusting, email it to

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GMYH said...

Oh yeah, I completely forgot this one:

Guy: "What's included in the free hour of drinking?"
Waitress: "Domestic drafts and bottles, well drinks, and sangria."
Guy: "Okay, I'll have a Goose Island Christmas Ale"
Waitress: "Goose Island isn't domestic."
--Chicago, The Waterhouse, Lincoln & Paulina (approximately 2.5 north of the Goose Island brewery)
Eavesdroppers: AlyK, The Loose-Lipped Lithuanian, and GMYH