Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/13/08 - Worst Day Ever

Holy shit, talk about a terrible day. Wednesday, I hate thee. It was bad enough that the results of the NCAA's investigation into the IU basketball staff's too many phone calls to recruits were released. The results were not good, and if true, would certainly merit the dismissal of Kelvin Sampson and his staff. I was sick to my stomach over that (and still am), and that put me in a rather foul mood the whole day. Why would Kelvin do me like that? I'm just so fucking pissed about that. This, of course, was after Jessie and I had to nix a deal for a condo that we were going to buy because of the results of the inspection. Apparently potentially continuous water and moisture damage is a badthing. Then in the afternoon, I find out that a couple people who will go unnamed that I was hoping to see this weekend at the Metz Suite informed me that they may not be coming for reasons that I find unacceptable. Then came the Wisconsin game. I was only able to watch the first half because I have a Second City class Wednesday nights. During a break in class, I checked the score on my phone, and it was 66-65 IU with something like 18 seconds left. The next update I see says 68-66 Wisconsin with 4.5 seconds left, last play "Brian Butch WI made 3-pt. basket." You gotta be fucking kidding me. Next thing I see says "Jamarcus Ellis IN missed 3-pt. basket." Why the fuck was he taking the shot instead of Gordon or Bassett or Crawford or Stemler or anyone else on the team that shoots 3s better than Ellis? I called Holt during a later break in class, and he explained that on Wisconsin's final possession, someone on Wisconsin double dribbled (which wasn't called), then someone on Wisconsin rolled around on the floor with the ball (which, in most versions of basketball, is a fucking travel), then there was some sort of scrum for the ball, and it happened to pop out to Butch -- Wisconsin's center -- who jacked up a 25-foot prayer that banked in. I'm almost glad I didn't see it because I might have made Jester a widow. I hate when IU loses, much less at home, much less to a team that mostly looks like Hitler's youth, much less when it means that we are one behind Purdue in the loss column. The goddamned plane has crashed into the side of the mountain. My fucking week is ruined. Thanks Hoosiers. You better beat MSU on Saturday and Purdue on Tuesday. I have nothing to live for, and I loathe what the future may hold for all things.

The only bright spot yesterday was that Laura "Greg Weeser* Gave Me His Blessing to Send This To You" Terry sent me a link to a video from a recreated Cosby Show set that Oprah made, on which she interviewed all the Cosby kids (except Denise, since she is probably on some exotic naval base with Martin, who is no doubt an Admiral by now, if not a Fleet Admiral). I love the Cosby Show. Rudy has blossomed quite nicely. Sweet Feet, indeed. And did you know that Sabrina LeBeauf (aka, Sondra) is 50?! She's only 10 years younger than Phylicia Rashād (née Ayers-Allen, aka, Clair). Oh, the things you learn from Wikipedia.

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