Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Rule for Court Rushing

You may recall back in January 2006, I was pissed off that IU fans rushed the court after beating then #5 Illinois. I'm still pissed. It prompted me at that time to come up with a set of strict guidelines for when it is and is not appropriate to rush the court after a college basketball game.

Well, the students at the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff have given us a seventh situation in which it is inappropriate to rush the court (thanks to Holt for telling me about this):

7. When a halfcourt shot goes in at the end of regulation, resulting in a TIE.

It may seem obvious to you and me, but despite the fact that they had not won the game Monday night against Texas Southern, UAPB students rushed the court at the end of regulation. The result? A technical foul, which meant that Texas Southern got to shoot 2 free throws before the overtime period started, thus going into OT up 2 points. UAPB ended up losing the game. By one. Nice work, students.

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