Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Poll - Most Attractive Potential First Lady or Man

Well, the votes are in, and the Barbarian Brothers made a very strong showing in the GMYH primary, taking 45% of the votes. It's clear that the public is not concerned with the fact that "David's always breakin' things," although this may be tied to his campaign promise, "Don't worry motha, I'll buy you anotha." Dana Jacobsen came in second with 25% of the vote, with Drew Peterson dangerously close behind her with 20%. Heath Ledger and Stacy Peterson tied for . . . dead last (ah-thank you) with 5% each.

Speaking of elections, it's becoming more and more clear that, unless a Gary Hart-esque scandal hits one of the candidates, our next president is going to be one of four people: McCain, Romney, Obama, or Clinton (apologies to Mike Gravel). One of the issues that hasn't received a lot of attention is the attractiveness of the nominees' spouses. So with that, I ask you, which is the most attractive of the four potential First Ladies and Man?

Cindy McCain

Ann Romney
Michelle Obama

Bill Clinton


bucketfactory said...

i dont get it. isnt romney a mormon? what is that, his most attractive wife, or the only one that isnt busy birthing at the moment?

Jayble said...

I'd like to Kucinich to get back in the race.