Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sweet Highlights

With Thursday night's IU/Illinois game looming, Tradd very appropriately sent me a link for this great video, which is comprised of highlights of the 2002 IU/Illinois game in Bloomington. This was one of the most fun games I've ever attended. Illinois came into Assembly Hall ranked #9, which I thought was funny because they so clearly were not one of the nine best basketball teams in the country. On that day, it's debatable if they were even one of the nine best basketball teams in Bloomington. IU hit a Big Ten record 17 3s, although my favorite part of the game was when Jeff Newton posterized Lucas Johnson on a fastbreak dunk. I'm not sure if I've ever heard Assembly Hall as loud as it was during this game. IU ended up beating the "#9" Illini by 31. After the game, IU would go onto the Final Four before losing in the title game to Maryland, thanks in large part to Tradd's ex-girlfriend who insisted that she have a bite of my Pasta Roni, even though I assured her that I had not given anyone else a bite of my Pasta Roni during the previous several tournament games, all of which we had won. I told her that if we lost, it would be her fault, and she said "fine." I still hate her, and I would enjoy the chance to one day depants her in a bar and then tabletop her with Christoff's help. Anyway, make sure you watch Newton posterize Johnson. It's pretty awesome.

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