Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bust

Is anyone else unnecessarily geeked about the Giants beating the Patriots? I don't know why I am, especially since I don't really like Eli Manning or his face. Maybe it's because I think the Patriots are shady. Maybe it's because I wanted to see how the Patriots would perform in a Super Bowl when they didn't videotape the opposing team's final walk-through practice. Maybe it's because this means that no one will ever again need to compare the '07 Patriots to the true great teams, including the '85 Bears, who are clearly the best 18-1 team ever. Maybe it's because, no matter how annoying Mercury Morris and the rest of the '72 Dolphins might be about their undefeated record, we will not be subjected to Tedy Bruschi, Bill Belichick, Rodney Harrison, and Richard Seymour every damn time a team wins their first 10+ games. Or maybe it's because it means, not only that the '07 Patriots are not the greatest team of all-time, but that they're not even in the top 42. No matter what, it was good to see them lose.

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