Sunday, March 16, 2008

An 8 Seed?!

Are you fisting me? Where's Ashton Kutcher? Seriously. He must be behind this. That's the only explanation.

Granted, IU lost its last 2 games (one in OT on the road and one on a Laettner-esque last second shot after IU had come back from 17 down), but come on. IU is 25-7, went 14-4 in the Big Ten (3rd place), and has an RPI of 20 (according to CBS Sportsline). I figured their loss to Minnesota would move them down from a 5 seed to a 6 seed. But an 8?! That's some happy horse shit.

There are 10 teams with worse RPIs than IU that have better seeds:
4 seeds:
Washington State (24-8, 22 RPI, 3rd in Pac-10, 1-1 in Pac-10 tournament)
UConn (24-8, 24 RPI, 4th in the Big East, 0-1 in Big East tournament)
5 seed:
Notre Dame (24-7, 31 RPI, 3rd in the Big East, 0-1 in the Big East tournament)
6 seeds:
Oklahoma (22-11, 29 RPI, 4th in Big 12, 1-1 in the Big 12 tournament)
USC (21-11, 28 RPI, 4th in Pac-10, 1-1 in Pac-10 tournament)
Marquette (23-9, 26 RPI, 6th in the Big East, 2-1 in Big East tournament)
Purdue (24-8, 44 RPI, 2nd in the Big Ten, 0-1 in the Big Ten tournament)
7 seeds:
Gonzaga (25-7, 27 RPI, 1st in WCC, 1-1 in WCC tournament)
Miami (FL) (21-10, 39 RPI, 5th place in the ACC, 1-1 in ACC tournament)
West Virginia (24-10, 33 RPI, 5th place in the Big East, 2-1 in Big East tournament)

The other 8 seeds are BYU (27-7, 30 RPI, 1st in MWC, 2-1 in MWC tournament), Mississippi State (22-10, 52 RPI, 1st in SEC West, 1-1 in SEC tournament), and UNLV (26-7, 21 RPI, 2nd in MWC, MWC tournament champs -- they should also be pissed with an 8 seed).

And how the fuck did Purdue get a better seed that IU? IU beat Purdue the only time they played this year. Purdue's RPI is 44. Purdue was also 0-1 in the Big Ten Tournament, losing to a sub-.500 Illinois team. The only thing they had over IU was that they were 15-3 in the Big Ten regular season, while IU was 14-4. And I don't understand how Michigan State got a better seed than both IU and Purdue. They were 12-6 in the Big Ten regular season and 1-1 in the Big Ten tournament.

So now, IU will have to play a pesky Arkansas team in the first round, in order to have the pleasure of playing North Carolina in the second round in Raleigh. Fuck you, Selection Committee.


BD said...

I think we deinitely seeded fairly. In fact I bet Kern that we would be a 9 seed. The fact is the committee looks at how you are playing down the streach. Following the firing/buyout/debacle we have simply been a bad team.

The worst part of the situation is we deserve it for hiring a damn cheat.

Raymond said...

We DO NOT deserve an 8 seed. Even if we did, none of the teams in the East bracket deserve that tough of a road to the final four. North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville, IU, Notre Dame, Butler. My goodness. Memphis and Kansas each get a cake walk and the east bracket gets stocked full of top 15 teams. I second Lemar. Fuck you selection committee.

Anonymous said...

cheaters get what cheaters deserve

GMYH said...

Dear Anonymous,
It wasn't the IU players who cheated. The only 2 people who allegedly cheated were Sampson and Senderoff, and neither of them are at IU.

IU got screwed by the committee, even if they have been playing worse since Sampson left. Plus, I'm not totally sure about this, but I think the fact that they are in the same bracket as UNC means that they were considered the "weakest" 8 seed, which means the committee thought IU was the 32nd best team in the field. No way they're that far down.

RDC said...

I hate the 8 seed, but this could have all been avoided by not completely shitting the bed down the stretch. Eric Gordon seems to have forgotten entirely how to shoot the ball, and I haven't had that "we're definitely winning this game" feeling in a few weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Dear gmyh,
It's the name on the front of the jersey that counts, not the name (or lack of) on the back.