Sunday, March 09, 2008

Revised Big Ten Tournament Predictions

Well, IU shit the bed today at Penn State to give the #2 seed in the Big Ten Tournament to those rat bastards from West Lafayette, so the seeds from my previous predictions must be revised. Here are my revised predictions (arriving at the same result, but getting there a little bit differently):

FIRST ROUND - Thursday, March 13
No. 8 Iowa vs. No. 9 Michigan (Iowa)
No. 7 Penn State vs. No. 10 Illinois (Penn State)
No. 6 Minnesota vs. No. 11 Northwestern (Minnesota)
QUARTERFINALS - Friday, March 14
No. 1 Wisconsin vs. Iowa (Wisconsin)
No. 4 Michigan State vs. No. 5 Ohio State (MSU)
No. 2 Purdue vs. Penn State (Purdue)
No. 3 IU vs. Minnesota (IU)
SEMIFINALS - Saturday, March 15
Wisconsin vs. Michigan State (Wisconsin)
IU vs. Purdue (IU)
CHAMPIONSHIP - Sunday, March 16
IU vs. Wisconsin (IU)


Anonymous said...

although I love your optimism I think that I could put together a team of Lukas, The Giant, Stu, Gentry, and an untrained monkey and beat the Hoosiers right is sad.

GMYH said...

Don't forget Shaffner, unless he is the "untrained monkey." Also, I think Shepley would be a suitable coach, despite the fact that he once got 2 Ts and kicked out of the gym during a Red Army game. He wasn't even on the team.