Monday, March 10, 2008

Beatles Finally on iTunes?

The Beatles (read: Sir Paul McCartney) have apparently reached a $400 million deal with Apple (the computer company, not the Beatles' former record label) to release the Beatles' catalog on iTunes. As someone who already owns the Beatles' entire catalog, I can say with conviction that I am glad everyone else in the world will be able to more easily access what is hands down the greatest musical assemblage of the 20th Century. There, I said it. Take that Dave Clark Five fans!


live in THIS yellow 'submarine' said...

The Beatles couldn't be more overrated if they were God.

The Beatles said...

Um, actually by definition God is more overrated because someone didn't make us up.

sergeant fartknocker's lonely hearts club band said...

i disagree. the definition of overratedness doesnt depend on whether someone made something up. rather, it's contingent upon how far the overrated party's respective rating deviates from true intrinsic value.