Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More About 30 in 8

If you want to see just how much of a shit show 15 in 8 was and, more importantly, how much of a bigger shit show the post-15-in-8-and-30-in-8 conglomeration at Rocks turned out to be, check out this post on So I Got That Going For Me . . . , which is written by Erica, one of the ladies who competed in 15 in 8. The pictures (and the blank, soulless eyes looking back at the camera) more accurately depict the scene than anything I can write, especially this one, which is a conglomeration of intoxication.


Erica said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Your post about 30 in 8 is awesome! Who knew so much crap went down, ha ha! You boys are trouble!

The Weez said...

"Girls are not allowed to participate in the event unless they go topless."

That's the first intelligent thought that has ever been associated with this event, btw.

GMYH said...

That's always been a rule. Women are welcome, but their shirts are not. In fact, women are encouraged to attend.