Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turn the Page

On the train this morning I nearly threw up, and for once it wasn’t because of the angel dust. I was standing next to a couple, who were standing a little too close to each other. At first I figured that they were just so fucking in love that they couldn’t stand to be more than ten inches from each other, even during the morning rush hour. However, I was horrified to find out that they were standing so close to each other because they were both reading the same book at the same time. When he turned the page, she actually said, “Hold on. I’m not finished yet.” I found this whole scene to be quite disgusting.

So last night, the Reign of Trivia Terror ended at Rock’s. Due to have 9 people, we had to split into two teams. On The Bears: Putting the Colts Down Like Barbaro were Gregerson, Chandler, Gregerson’s friend (Andy?), and Remus. On Get Over It, It Was a Fucking Horse were Christoff, the Brothers Weeser* (minus Greg, of course), Jessie, and me. GOIIWAFH got off to a very rough start in the first two rounds. Dick Van Dyke Show trivia questions are not cool. Despite the fact that we won the shot round (the shot this time actually featured the recognizable taste of alcohol) and pretty much kicked ass the rest of the way, it was not enough to overcome our blunders in the first two rounds. TBPTCDLB finished in second place, which now carries with it a prize of sorts. In Rock’s trivia past, only the first place team won something (25% off their bill). Now, the second place team gets to choose a category for a round of trivia for the next Tuesday in lieu of a general trivia round (it can’t be too specific of a category). Thus, next week one of the rounds will be Division 1-A college football nicknames. As it currently stands, there may be three to four of the 119 D-1A mascots that I do not know, and those teams all reside in the Sun Belt Conference. Die slow motherfuckers.

In other news, the Hoosiers just pulled off a big win beating #2 Wisconsin 71-66 in B-town. It's a great win, but I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the students rushed the court after the game. Act like you've been there. Apparently they did not read my opus on the proper rules of court rushing in college basketball.


The Flash said...

i got in many arguments with many court rushers last night. most failed to understand, stating 'we beat the #2 team in the country'

so there i am basically sputtering at how fundamental their misunderstanding is when i hit on the reason they thought it was such a big win, as they're telling me 'huge win! we never win games like that! not since i've been here!': mike davis.

GMYH said...

That doesn't make it right. However, I should note that last year we beat Illinois at home, and they were #5 at the time. The court was rushed, which prompted my original post regarding court rushing.

AC said...

Indiana fans rushing the court against Wisconsin would have been the biggest joke in the world pre-Dick Bennett. Unfortunately, Mike Davis spent 6 YEARS as head coach in Bloomington, thus fostering lower expectations.

Additionally, fans storming the court for less than stellar reasons has been far too commonplace in all of college hoops recently (see Iowa rushing the court last season after beating Illinois by 15, and Illinois students rushing the court after McBride hit a shot that was later ruled after the buzzer - they rushed the court on a loss!)

Whatever the case, it's pretty damn weak unless it's a buzzer beater against a team that was favored. Wisconsin was a 2.5 dog at tip for cripes sake!

The Flash said...

funny, that's what i told them.

alas, any coherent discussion of court-rushing should perhaps be left to the op-ed pages of the IDS.

Anonymous said...

Rushing the court when you're favored to win is beyond bush league.

And GMYH is wise to point out that last year's "big win" over Illinois was also an ill-advise "rush" game. That game also cuts against the "we've never won on my watch" excuse, which is weak.

GMYH said...

Thanks for reminding me about that Illinois/Penn State debacle last year. They rushed the court after they thought they beat PENN STATE, but then actually didn't win. Sweet Jesus, the grin on my face right now as I think of that suggests that I consume feces.