Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Glorious Ladies of Rocktober Song #4: "The World Comes Tumblin'" by The Distillers

In the early 2000s, The Distillers were a punk band fronted by Brody Dalle (although for most of the band's existence, her last name was Armstrong), who remained the only constant band member throughout the band's three albums.  Dalle -- who was at one time married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong, and has been married to Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme since 2007 -- has a raspy, gritty voice that very much fits with her punk rock look and the abrasive, hard-hitting nature of her music. I can't remember exactly where or when I first heard of The Distillers, but it was the description of Dalle's voice that piqued my interest.  Whatever article I read equated her voice to a rusty bucket of nails being dragged through gravel, or something along those lines.

I used to have several Distillers' songs on my iPod, but they aren't there anymore for unknown reasons -- probably because of ghosts.  My favorite of their songs that I had was "The World Comes Tumblin'," which is off of their 2000 self-titled debut album.  Like any good punk song, it has plenty of aggression, but also a catchy, sing-along chorus that offsets the almost discordant verses. When you listen to it, you will understand why it used to be on my workout mix, back when I actually worked out -- before the ghosts.

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