Monday, April 21, 2008

New Book - The Rules of Attraction

I finished reading Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris, and it was good. From a first-person plural ("we") perspective, it tracked the goings on of an advertising agency, dealing with layoffs, shrinking business, and the idiosyncrasies of co-workers. I would liken it to a more realistic and more depressing version of Office Space. It's definitely an engaging book for anyone who has worked in an office setting, or anyone who has worked with nutjobs. I assume that covers just about everyone.

I haven't had enough lethality or immorality in my reading as of late. Sex, blood, hyperkinetic drug use, and the combination of the three have eluded my recent reading. Frankly, I haven't had enough Bret Easton Ellis. Because Jessie never bought me Less Than Zero, even though I swore on my dog's future grave that she did, my next book will be Ellis's The Rules of Attraction, which revolves around the tangled web woven among several students at an overprivileged New England liberal arts college in the mid '80s. In typical Ellis fashion, the book is tangentially related to his other works -- for instance, one of the main characters is Sean Bateman, younger brother of American Psycho darling Patrick Bateman, and another character is Victor Johnson of Glamorama fame. You may remember the underachieving film based on the book that came out in 2002, starring Dawson as Sean Bateman, Jessica Biel and Kate Bosworth as extremely saucy tarts, and that chick from A Knight's Tale as an arty chick who wishes to be deflowered. Maybe it wasn't as underwhelming as I remember it. Nonetheless, I'm assuming the book will be better than the movie.


F. Fred Palakon said...

patrick bateman also appears. whence finishd, consider revisitation of the part of American Psycho where sean sets up dinner with patrick--and somehow scores a table at Dorsia.

related note 1: fred savage as a heroin junky? that's casting.

related note 2: roger avary also owns the rights to glamorama

related note 3: zero is in a class alone.

GMYH said...

Fucking Dorsia. I'd like to see a film version of Glamorama. This Avary chap needs to get on that.

damien nutchs ross said...

evidently there exists a bridge film between rules of attraction's victor-in-europe sequence and the storyline of glamorama called 'glitterati'--which is what victor's bandmates suggested he return to as he exited band practice, offering drink tickets that were good between 11:47pm and 12:04am.

because god hates ellis, that film is reportedly never to see the light of day due to legal issues regarding those depicted in it. and because i'm not to thrilled with victor's value system.

Raymond said...

Rules of Attraction is better as a book, but the Europe scene in the movie is somewhat tight. I also like the song choice during the suicide scene, other than that it is useless except for the hot tarts that you mentioned.

Less than Zero is still his best.