Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Poll - Crean!

At the behest of a deceased former IU player who manages to post comments to this abortion I call a blog, I would like to say a little something about IU's hiring of Tom Crean as the head basketball coach. As discussed at length in my several lists of who I would want as IU's next coach, Crean was far from my top choice. That said, after Tony Bennett said no to IU (which I still think was a huge mistake), the ballgame changed somewhat. I was fearful of a "well if he doesn't want the job, neither do I" domino effect. Thus, when Crean was hired, I thought it was a great hire. Since he has been hired, he has done nothing but impress me, and I am increasingly happy with the hire. He is a tireless recruiter who knows and respects IU's tradition, and I think he will do very well in the coming years. Unfortunately, his cupboard is fairly bare at the moment, given the loss of the seniors, Eric Gordon to the NBA, and our two best recruits for next year (and possibly Armon Bassett and Jamarcus Ellis -- who needs point guards?).

This leads to this week's poll question: How will Tom Crean do in his first year at IU? Losing record? NIT? NCAA first or second round? Sweet 16? Final Four?

(By the way, in response to the last poll, 70% of you said that you would rather be anonymous in life and famous in death, while 30% of you said that you would rather be famous in life but forgotten about as soon as you die.)


DeAndre Thomas said...

Jemarcus and Armon were let back on the team, but I promptly ate them. Ever wonder what happened to Jessan Ashely-Gray, Daryl Pegram, Lucas Steijn, or Cem Dinc? Yep. I ate them too!

Cem Dinc said...

I run a 10.5-second 100m dash.