Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kramer vs. Dr. Lecter

Dreams can be awesome. During one of my nine-minute between-snooze-button forays this morning, I had a quick and confusing dream. I was standing next to a woman who was not my wife but who I apparently knew relatively well. She resembled Don Draper's secretary. For sake of ease, we'll call her Hortence. Hortence was distraught and talking on the phone to a court administrator, who had just informed Hortence that her child custody case was assigned to a particular female judge. Hortence kept asking the administrator to assign the case to a different judge, but the administrator refused. This is where I stepped in. I was furious. I grabbed the phone and yelled at the court administrator, "This is unacceptable! I want to talk to your supervisor." "Why, sir?" "WHY?! Because you just assigned her case to the same woman who released her kids into the custody of known cannibals!" Then I woke up with bite marks all over my arms and chest.

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