Friday, October 15, 2010


In the past few days, GMYH has gotten several thousand hits – far more than the usual 50-100 daily hits I receive. Relatively recently, Blogger started keeping track of stats, which is pretty cool because I can tell which posts are getting the most hits, what search terms are leading people to GMYH, and which websites are referring the most people to GMYH.

As it turns out, Mr. 6000 is very popular. Over the past several days, my fake biography of my friend Adam has received several thousand hits. Apparently, yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of baby Jessica McClure falling into a well. In Adam's biography, I put forth an alternative theory for how Baby Jessica fell down the well. I also posted a link to a more recent alleged picture of her. The link to the picture apparently comes up pretty high on some search engines when you search for an image of Baby Jessica. So, kudos to Adam for being a part of GMYH history.

Thanks to his fictional life, GMYH has made significant jumps in the Technorati ratings. While it was already rated a "Top 100 Music" blog, it has jumped from being somewhere in the 34,000s overall to somewhere in the 28,000s. Granted, these rankings change every day, so I realize everything about this is temporary, but it's nice to know there are only approximately 28,000 English-speaking blogs out there that have more "authority" than GMYH.

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