Monday, October 25, 2010

Five Campaign Lies About the Economy

I try not to get political here on GMYH because I have friends and readers on all points along the political spectrum, so don't take this post as anything political. You know I hate political ads. Both sides of the fence are guilty of spinning and outright lying, and frankly, I will be ecstatic after election day when I don't feel the need to punch my TV during every commercial break. On that note, I came across an interesting article that exposes the five biggest lies politicians are making about the economy. As expected, both sides stretch the truth. The five topics covered are: (1) the stimulus plan; (2) which party is driving the nation towards insolvency; (3) the cost of healthcare reform; (4) the alleged impact of healthcare reform on small businesses; and (5) job creation.

If you think you know something about any of those topics (or if you don't), read the article. The worst thing you can do when voting is to vote based on a misconception or on ignorance. Maybe it's the Jeffersonian in me, but you owe it to yourself and to your fellow citizens to make educated decisions at the polls.


wonking off said...

the small business aspect is a little off. i work at a small law firm (WAY less than 50 employees) and we aren't exempt, so our costs are going up substantially.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be rude wonk, but the article doesn't say ALL businesses with less than 50 employees won't be affected. Here's what it actually says: "The healthcare reform law exempts most companies with 50 employees or fewer".

I'm not sure how that makes the small business aspect of the article a little off. It clearly states there are exceptions.