Sunday, March 04, 2007


I don't have much to say today, except that Bluff The Donkey has been updated and is totally hilarious as always.

Also, because you care about my Championship Week prediction abilities, I am updating my predictions as the results come in, marking correct predictions in green and incorrect predictions in red, with the tournament winner (if the tournament has concluded) in parentheses after my incorrect prediction. Enjoy.

Also, now that the Big Ten regular season is over, here are the final strength-of-schedule stats, updating my post from a couple days ago (order is from weakest schedule to strongest). As you can see, Purdue and Illinois suck equally:
1. Purdue (Ill, MSU, Iowa, Wisc) = 39-25 (final record: 9-7)
1. Illinois (OSU, Wisc, Pur, PSU) = 39-25 (final record: 9-7)
3. Wisconsin (IU, Ill, Mich, Pur) = 36-28 (final record: 13-3)
4. Minnesota (OSU, MSU, IU, PSU) = 35-29 (final record: 3-13)
4. Northwestern (IU, Iowa, Mich, MSU) = 35-29 (final record: 2-14)
6. Iowa (OSU, Pur, Mich, NW) = 34-30 (final record: 9-7)
7. Indiana (OSU, Wisc, Minn, NW) = 33-31 (final record: 10-6)
8. Ohio State (IU, Ill, Iowa, Minn) = 31-33 (final record: 15-1)
9. Penn State (Ill, MSU, Mich, Minn) = 28-36 (final record: 2-14)
10. Michigan (Wisc, Iowa, PSU, NW) = 26-38 (final record: 8-8)
11. Michigan State (Pur, Minn, NW, PSU) = 16-48 (final record: 8-8)


Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble finding your "Bluff the Donkey" entries......please advise

GMYH said...

I write This Week in Poker History and I do the Interview with a Donkey.