Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weekend Recap Tomorrow

I was going to post the weekend recap tonight, but I was too busy getting jobbed in trivia at Rocks. The round chosen by last week's 2nd place team was '80s cartoons, which trivia master Kevin for some reason decided to make an 11-question, 19-point round (as opposed to the standard 10-question, 10-point round). Needless to say, the team that chose the category got 18.5 out of 19, which was 6 points more than the next best team, thus propelling those bastards far past Smurfette Gave Me Blue Balls (comprised of me, Jester, Christoff, and Gregerson). Fuck Dungeons and Dragons, fuck Peyo, fuck categorizing 8 obscure Transformers as Autobots or Decepticons, and fuck Jem's real name. I'm going to sleep very angrily tonight. Acing the music round will not prevent the night terrors this Tuesday night.


Gregerson said...

And fuck the ninjas from G.I. Joe.

RDC said...

dungeons & dragons can go ahead and get fucked as well...god knows the people who play it probably never will