Friday, March 02, 2007

God Loves a Terrier, and So Do Gunmen

This morning I came across a news article about two gunmen who dognapped four Yorkshire Terrier puppies and a full-grown one as well, from a Los Angeles home after posing as prospective buyers. A few things concern me about this:
  1. Yorkies are hideous, bearing a strong resemblance to what I assume an inbred dwarf Ewok might look like. At least kidnap a cute dog.
  2. People who want to buy Yorkies don't carry guns. Thus, you should not let someone with a gun into your house if they are inquiring about your Yorkie puppies. Get a clue lady.
  3. The gunmen stuffed the dogs in a plastic garbage bag. Actually this doesn't concern me, but I thought it was a funny thing to do, since I assume it can only have a negative effect on the street value and psychological condition of the dogs.
  4. Despite the $10,000 value of the 4 puppies and the fact that they are probably not being fed Eukanuba as we speak, the owner of the dogs said that she was most concerned about her full-grown dog (which was apparently her real pet), stating, "I just want to find my dog, that's it." Something's fishy about this. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer Wilbanks was somehow involved.
  5. There is no reason that this story merits inclusion on the Yahoo homepage under the "In the News" section, especially during Championship Week. What's next, a story about Swiss troups accidentally invading Lichtenstein?

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