Monday, March 19, 2007

GMYH Tournament Challenge Standings

Well, the good news is that I'm in 4th. The bad news is that there are only5 people in the GMYH Tournament Challenge. Here are your current standings:

1. Jaleh (I think): 51 (Champ: Indiana over Georgetown. Other 2 Final Four: Florida, Texas A&M) (I like the thought, by the way -- too bad we couldn't hit a fucking free throw to save our life)
2. Holt: 47 (Champ: Florida over Georgetown. Other 2 Final Four: UCLA, Texas A&M)
3. McClure: 44 (Champ: Florida over UNC. Other 2 Final Four: Kansas, Ohio State)
4. GMYH: 41 (Champ: Florida over Texas. Other 2 Final Four: Kansas, Texas A&M)
5. Yeh: 39 (Champ: Texas A&M over UCLA. Other 2 Final Four: Butler, Texas)

Weekend recap will be along tomorrow, assuming I can make up some memories for the haze that was Saturday.

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Jalehlabad said...

I am Princess Jihad. It's a little nickname some pals came up with a few years back. I am sure to not be in first place for much longer since IU had such a tough time holding shit together for the last two minutes of Saturday's game. Sigh. Maybe next year.