Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rockford Pretty Much Sucks

After visiting Dayton a few weeks ago and Detroit last weekend, my parade of visits to economically depressed Midwestern cities continued today, as I had the pleasure of driving to Rockford for a hearing. For a city of 150,000, I was somewhat surprised that there are no buildings taller than about 12 stories. Maybe the tall buildings left with all the manufacturing jobs. Hyooooohhhh! Too soon? Perhaps the residents took native sons' Cheap Trick's recommendation to surrender a little too much to heart. I think someone just needs to tell Rockford that the dream police will come to it in its bed. But seriously, I'm begging Rockford to beg me never to come back, although there was a pretty sweet looking water park at the junction of I-90 and I-39. Maybe that will be Rockford's flame. She's tight.

Next week, I'll be visiting Ft. Wayne, where I will see if anyone knows why the Pistons left.

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Alando Tucker said...

What you know about about Rockford?