Thursday, January 17, 2008

More New CDs

A couple other CDs arrived today, and

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation. 4 Handrews.*
Much of the album was made without guitarist Brian Robertson, who, along with Scott Gorham, molded Thin Lizzy's famous twin guitar attack. I think Robertson's absence hurt the album a little. You may recognize the title track to this 1977 album from Guitar Hero II, or from the name-that-tune round at Rocks Tuesday night trivia about a month ago. "Killer Without a Cause" is yet another shining example of Phil Lynott's ability to tell a story through song about the underbelly of society. "Dear Lord" is pretty good.

Thin Lizzy - Thunder and Lightning. 5 Handrews.
This 1983 release is the band's last studio album, and with my purchase, I am halfway to owning Thin Lizzy's 12 studio albums. Admittedly, I was a bit leery about getting this album because it was made in 1983 and, thus, I thought it might not rock as hard as their '70s albums. My doubts were smacked in the mouth with an open hand from the get-go. The album is full of hard rocking songs, many of which have a NWOBHM feel. The title track (also the first track) is a frantic, fast-paced rocker. "Cold Sweat" has some badass guitar work, and foreshadows much of the hard rock and hair metal that would soon be hitting the airwaves. "Somebody is Going to Hit Back" is solid, and "Baby Please Don't Go" (not to be confused with the Big Joe Williams blues song of the same name, most famously covered in 1964 by Them) sounds like classic Thin Lizzy. "Bad Habits" is a microcosm of my life. "Heart Attack" repeats the phrase "mama I'm dyin'," perhaps an unfortunate forewarning of Phil Lynott's untimely death a few years later due to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. All in all, I was very impressed with the album. It's a damn shame the group broke up after this album and that Lynott had to up and die in 1986.

Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous. 5 Handrews.
Considered one of the better live albums around, I admit that my introduction to 1978's Live and Dangerous was less than glowing. You see, back in June 2004, Jamie and I went to see The Darkness in Columbus. I don't remember if it was before the opening band (The Wildhearts) came on or in between The Wildhearts and The Darkness, but there was a ginormous delay, during which Live and Dangerous was played over the PA all the way through. Twice. I no longer hold ill will towards the album, however, and it truly is a great live album. Among the highlights are "Jailbreak," "Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song," "Cowboy Song," "Baby Drives Me Crazy" (on which Huey Lewis -- who was in a band opening for Thin Lizzy on tour -- played harmonica), and "The Rocker."

*GMYH CD Review Scale:
-6 Handrews - Buy it now. NOW!!
-5 Handrews - Excellent album that you should seriously consider purchasing in the near future
-4 Handrews - Very good album that you should at least check out on iTunes
-3 Handrews - If you want it, download it illegally
-2 Handrews - Somewhere between Britney Spears and William Hung
-1 Handrew - Ashlee Simpson

-0 Handrews - PopoZao

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